Jane Northey Create and Learn 18 Piece Tool Set with Toolbox

Review of Create & Learn 18-Piece Tool Set with Toolbox

Happy New Year! This is a review of the Create & Learn 18-Piece Tool Set with Toolbox. Lots of pictures!

Yesterday, I went to WalMart to check out the Christmas clearance sale (everything Christmas related is 50% off, including candies!!!) and found my son a wonderful New Year present instead. I am not one to give a New Year present, but I got this at a great price, and figured he would love it. He definitely can use it for his Home Depot and Lowe’s workshops. Speaking of Home Depot, click on the link to read about Home Depot Kids Workshop: Crate Toolbox for January.

The Create & Learn 18-Piece Tool Set with Toolbox was originally $29.00 however I got it at a really great price at my local WalMart. You can buy it online in the blue and green combo here.

When I got this tool set, there were other two left (they would make great birthday presents for little handy boys and girls), and they were all in blue and orange colors. I actually prefer this color combo than the blue and green one. Suggested age is 5+ but younger kids could definitely use this with adult supervision. Description on the tag says “Kid-Size Tools for Kid-Size hands!” They are definitely tools and not toys. The tool set is made in China.

This is the top view of the toolbox, and it was securely packaged. I had to use scissors to cut the plastic cords and to free the tools.

The pair of gloves were inside the toolbox.

The Create & Learn 18-Piece Tool Set with Toolbox comes with a 5 inch long nose pliers, a 1/4 inch x 1 1/2 inch flathead screw driver, and a #2 x 1 1/2 inch Phillips screw driver. We already used the Phillips screw driver to tighten the bolts on his Melissa and Doug wooden chairs! It works great and fits well. The handles are smooth and secure.

The set comes with a 10 inch ruler, a 6 inch Tri square, a 5 ft tape measure in a clear case with a white retract button that my son really enjoyed, and four pieces of 3/4 inch clamps.

The Create and Learn 18-Piece Tool Set with Toolbox includes three blue pencils and a pencil sharpener. The pencils were oval in shape and discolored on one side, but seemed sturdy. I haven’t tried the pencil sharpener yet to check whether it is sharp or not.

The set comes with a pair of gloves in pale blue, that is well stitched and thick. A little big for my son, would definitely fit ages 5 to 8 years old. The set also comes with a pair of goggles. It comes with a blue garterized strap that can be adjusted to your child’s head. My child tried it and I tried it, too. There are no sharp edges on the pair of goggles at all. It will not leave markings or cuts to your kid’s face.

Create and Learn 18-Piece Tool Set with Toolbox

The Create and Learn 18-Piece Tool Set with Toolbox comes with a well made apron in orange color and black trim. The tag states that it is 100% polyester. It is similar to the material used on tarps, and has a weave texture in the front, and smooth in the back. It is also waterproof, which is great for spills (definitely would not try it on corrosives!) It has a mesh pocket in the chest area, and three pockets at the bottom. I put some of the tools to demonstrate how deep the pockets are. The neck strap is closed but long enough that you can knot it for a better fit if your child is small.

Create and Learn 18-Piece Tool Set with Toolbox Apron

The set comes with a 4 oz claw hammer with orange trimmings. It is nearly identical with my son’s Lowe’s Build and Grow Hammer. They were probably from the same manufacturer. Here is a photo of the two hammers together. Again, the hammer is of great quality, and can be used by an adult.

Create and Learn 18 Piece Tool Set with Tool Box Hammer

Here is the inside of the toolbox. It is spacious enough to hold all the tools and more! It is made of durable plastic. Will probably withstand a drop or two.

Create & Learn 18-Piece Tool Set with Toolbox Inside of toolbox

Here is the toolbox in comparison to my husband’s New England Patriots tool box. Using the tape measure included in the set, its dimensions are 12.5 inches long, 6.5 inches wide, and 5.5 inches high. It has an extra compartment on top, secured by a translucent cover, where the kids can put nails, nuts and bolts, among others. There is also a spot in front of the toolbox so you can place a padlock to secure the tools.

tool box comparison

Overall, a great buy!!! I really like it and my son likes it, too. As I finish this post, he is measuring his toys using the tape measure. Hopefully you can find it at your local WalMart for a great price as well. I feel now I should have my own tool box, too!

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