Paw Patrol Pumpkin Push-Ins

Decorating with Paw Patrol Pumpkin Push-Ins

Halloween is almost here! A few days ago when we went to buy some grocery, I decided to buy a medium sized pumpkin for R.

He loved it so much he was hugging it while he was sitting beside it in a two seater grocery cart designed to look like a red race car. I felt that he was too young to carve a pumpkin, so I thought he would just paint a face on it since he likes to paint anyway. We came home and sat our pumpkin by R’s little bench, uncarved and paint-free. On one of our walks in the neighborhood, we passed by our neighbor’s orange pumpkin with a vampire Mickey Mouse head, hands and feet. I Googled it right away when we got home and saw that it was available from Home Depot. It is called Mickey Mouse Pumpkin Push-Ins. They also have a Minnie Mouse one. Two days ago we went to our local Home Depot, and when we got there, the Mickey Mouse Pumpkin Push-Ins was out of stock. The only ones left are Olaf from Frozen and Darth Vader of Star Wars. Online they are still available, along with Yoda and Spiderman.

We decided to go to Target which was just next door, and saw that they have Minnie available. The Target version was actually better because for extra two cents, it comes with paint and a decent quality foam paint brush so you can actually paint the pumpkin instead of it staying its natural color, whether orange or albino white. Minnie Mouse is a witch and the paint she comes with is a lovely, dark shade of pink. Vampire Mickey Mouse was out of stock here, too, but they have Chase from Paw Patrol, Marshall from Paw Patrol, Dory of Finding Dory, BB8 from Star Wars, Darth Vader. There are also variations where it’s not molded but just pictures like this one with Cinderella and Elsa.

I was thinking of buying Minnie right there at the store, and getting Mickey online but I feel that it was cutting it close to Halloween, plus if we buy Mickey, we have to get another pumpkin. I let R decide which ones to get and he chose Chase from Paw Patrol. I was pleasantly surprised because I thought he was going to choose Paw Patrol’s Marshall because Marshall comes with a vibrant red color that R likes so much. Chase comes with a rich royal blue color.

This was how the front and the back of the box of the Paw Patrol Pumpkin Push-Ins looked like. It is actually called Chase Pumpkin Decorating Kit instead of Pumpkin Push-Ins. It had instructions on the front, back and side. Step 1 was to paint, step 2 was to decorate, and done! It stated it was designed for 9″ to 11″ pumpkins.

As soon as we got home, we prepared the pumpkin. I wiped it to ensure that the paint will stick.

These were the contents of the box. They were made of good quality plastic that was bendable.

Paw Patrol Chase Pumpkin Push-Ins

I used a pair of scissors to cut the plastic as well as to snip the tip of the paint bottle. I put the pumpkin on top of an old cardboard box to catch any paint drips, dabbed a little bit of paint on the pumpkin, and hand R the foam paint brush.

R started painting. I noticed that the orange color of the pumpkin showed through with the first coat. It would definitely need more than one coat of paint. I told R to stop painting with the blue paint. I didn’t have any primer but I figured gesso would work the same way.I used Liquitex Gesso. It is a surface prep for canvas. It works really great when I paint with acrylics. We covered the pumpkin with gesso and let it dry.

When the gesso dried, R painted it blue again. He had fun painting it up and down. When he got tired I painted the rest, mostly the bottom that he was not able to get. Some areas were still showing white, and other areas show some orange where both gesso and the blue paint peeled off, so I let the pumpkin completely dry overnight. This morning, I let R apply a second coat of the royal blue paint, and when he got tired I took over again. Then we went out and about so it had time to dry. The bottle of blue paint which was originally 40 mL was  still about one fourth to one third full.

After four hours, I felt all over the pumpkin and no paint stuck to my fingers. I started pushing the head mold into the pumpkin. It was a little harder than I expected so I used the blade of the scissors to poke a hole in it because I didn’t want the push-in to break. I poked the pumpkin four more holes for the front and hind feet. Then I let R insert Chase’s head and feet into place.

It looks great! The color was really rich and vibrant.

We put it outside next to the bench and R was so happy with it, he kept changing the position of Chase’s head.

Paw Patrol Chase Pumpkin Push-Ins

Paw Patrol Pumpkin Push-Ins from Target was a great deal for $10 plus tax. The molds were of great quality and could be reused for many years. Plus it came with the paint and foam paint brush and was just two cents more expensive than the ones being sold from Home Depot. Also yesterday, I noticed that they have an ongoing promo at Target where you buy $30 worth of select Halloween items, you get $5 off.

Maybe next year I will make my own pumpkin push-ins with old Barbies or 18″ dolls, or make my own mold of R’s favorite cartoon characters using oven bake clay. Wouldn’t that be fun? What are your Halloween decorations and ideas? Have you used pumpkin push-ins before? I would love to hear from you. Please share your thoughts and leave a comment below.