Garden Treasures Kids Bench

Review of Garden Treasures’ Children’s Jungle Animal Bench

This is a review of Garden Treasures’ Children’s Jungle Animal Bench. A few weeks ago, we bought this beautiful bench for kids because our neighbors have a similar one, and R liked it so much, he would look out the window and point at it. “Bench,” he would say. Also he watches “Sarah and Duck,” a cartoon show, and in the show, Sarah and Duck have a special bench at the park they frequent, so R is very familiar with what a bench is. I will talk more about Sarah and Duck in a future post.

I searched online for the most affordable children’s bench and I found it at Lowe’s. You can find the product here. According to the website, there were three available that day at my local Lowe’s. I decided to drive there and see if they have any on display. Upon arrival, we entered Lowe’s through the garden center because R and I both love looking at flowers. They were so colorful and fragrant. There was no kids’ bench on display, however it did not take us long to find the shelf were the benches were located.

The box it came in was not heavy. I was able to hoist it to the cart by myself. R was so proud that we’re getting a bench and pointed to everyone we see that he was in fact buying one, much to their entertainment. We paid for it and took it home.

Garden Treasures Kids Bench

As soon as we got home, I opened the box. It was well packaged. No damage to the parts inside. The package contained: cast iron left leg and right leg, the backrest, three identical wood slats, one beveled wood slat, and hardware. The hardware included are 12 bolts, 12 washers, 12 nuts, and 4 safety cap nuts for the backrest. There was also a set of instructions. You can view the instructions here. The color of the wood is as pictured. I think it’s a little bit of mahogany and a little bit of cherry. Our neighbors’ bench is a little bit lighter in color, I would say closer to Honey Maple. I am not sure if it came that way, or the color faded a bit being exposed to the sun. It said on the instructions that the wood had a clear protective coating and any variation in the color is not a defect but rather a sign that it is handcrafted.

It did say that it requires two adults for safe assembly. I was able to assemble it by myself. It was that easy. I first sat on the lowest step of the stairs in my house, prop the backrest on my lap and connected the backrest with the cast iron left leg. After that I connected the cast iron right leg.

Garden Treasures Kids Bench

After that I was able to prop it up on the floor. I attached the beveled wood slat first in the front. It was pretty much done after that. I just added the three remaining wood slats, tightened the bolts using a wrench and put the safety cap nuts at the back. The whole process took about ten minutes.

Garden Treasures Kids Bench

Overall, the bench looked great. It looks more expensive than how much I got it for.

Garden Treasures Kids Bench

The powder coated cast iron looks great. The backrest had four animals. There is an elephant, a monkey, a lion and a giraffe. I ran my hands up and down the wood slats. I did not feel any splinter. It was sanded and varnished well. I looked at the instructions and at the box but I could not find what kind of wood was used. The frame material is wrought iron while the bench material is steel.

R was so excited and sat on it. He looked so delighted. It did look a little small. The assembled dimensions are 32.87 inches in length, 15.8 inches in width, and 20.2 inches in height. The weight capacity is 120 pounds. I think it is meant for younger kids, but older kids and adults would definitely find this bench so adorable!

I put it outside next to the front door. It looks great and inviting. R still points out the neighbors’ bench every now and then but now he has his own he can sit at. If you have small ones, and want something nice for them to sit on, I highly recommend thisĀ Garden Treasures’ Children’s Jungle Animal Bench. It is an excellent buy!

Do you like the look of this pint-size bench? I would love to hear from you. Please share your thoughts and leave a comment below.